Pilates Instructor


BPhysio - Notre Dame University

BExSc - Notre Dame University




Jess graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a double degree in Physiotherapy and Exercise & Sport Science in 2017.


Jess has special interests in dance & performing arts, martial arts, hypermobility and associated conditions, chronic conditions and pain management, and exercise-based rehabilitation. Her special interests stem from her own passion for dance and musical theatre, as well as her personal experience managing chronic health conditions relating to hypermobility. 


Jess has varied experience in Physiotherapy from working in multiple areas throughout the WA Public Hospital system. She also previously worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sports Trainer, which further ignited her passion for sport-specific strength and conditioning.


Outside of Physio, Jess' interests include dancing & musical theatre, piano, karate and spending time with her husband and fur-babies. She will also be challenging for her black belt in karate at the end of the year.