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Personal trainer

Group Fitness Coach

Progressive Calisthenics Certification - Dragon Door

Yoga Teacher Certification - Yoga Alliance 

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Oscar started his fitness journey as an actor through movement and performance.
Whilst training at WAAPA Oscar discovered a passion for movement, learning disciplines such as circus, stage combat and martial arts (kung fu, tai chi, aikido) as well as dance and yoga.

Since leaving WAAPA Oscar has specialised in calisthenics and bodyweight strength training.

He believed anyone can achieve unbelievable things with the right progressions and that injury can be healed with the right coaching. The right training can help maintain functional fitness for life.

In his spare time Oscar can be found making and designing jewellery!
He loves sour beers, heavy metal and is a huge cinema and history buff.

We are thrilled to welcome Oscar to the Fit Bomb team.