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We understand that every person is wonderfully unique, and as such, have different needs and requirements in place to achieve the best possible experience. We really want to help make this possible, so please talk to us ahead of your session, so we can do our best to support you, and make your experience a great one.

We've put together this page to try and answer some of the questions and concerns you may have, and are always trying to be better so if you have any feedback or suggestions please let us know! 


Find us


We're behind Flooring Xtra on South Street, O'Connor. You can't see our building from the street, but if you go down the laneway next to Flooring Xtra, we're big & pink!

You'll find us in Googlemaps, Apple Maps or Waze


Uber use TomTom, who we can't change and will frustratingly take you to Rollerways!?! 🤯


If you are using Uber, type in Flooring Xtra, then go down the laneway to find us. Sorry! 😠




You can park immediately in front of Fit Bomb, or down the side of our building. During the day, this offers enough parking. At our busy times (before 9am and after 5pm) you can also park in front of the street-facing shops as they are closed at these times.


Please avoid parking in front of the warehouses directly opposite Fit Bomb, as our neighbours use those bays for loading at all hours. 

Accessibility features and flaws


Here are some things that it might be helpful to know before visiting Fit Bomb. Click on the images for more info and gallery.

👍 STEP FREE ACCESS We are completely step free 😝

👍 DOORWAYS Click on photos to enlarge 

👎 TOILETS The toilets are gender neutral but not accessible.

The doorways are narrow (68cm) the corners are tight and the doors open into the cubicles. See photo. Improvements to make the toilets accessible to all (and adding a shower!) is in the pipeline.

👍 TREATMENT ROOMS / TABLES Our treatment rooms are wheelchair accessible; flat wide entry (80cm) with manoeuvring space inside. We have fully electric height adjustable, wide treatment tables to create comfort and stability for all body sizes and shapes.


We have music playing most of the day, which gets louder during fitness classes. We also use a beeping clock in these sessions. And there are more people around. If loud music and noise are distressing for you, please let us know in advance, so we can make sure your session is not at one of these times, and can create a safe and comfortable environment.


If you're someone who needs loud music for distraction - we can ensure your session is at our 'loud' times.

Our busiest times are Weekdays 5.30pm-7pm and Saturdays 8am-11am


Fit Bomb is pet friendly. We have a gym cat called Tiggy who is on site most of the time, and regular dog friends. If you're allergic - let us know so we can keep the animals in a separate space. If you'd like to bring your good doggo, you are welcome! Give us a heads up so we can put Tiggy in safe spot.  

If we believe an animal is unsafe or interfering with someone else's experience, we may ask you not to bring them in the future (e.g. whilst lot's of barking is completely normal and fun, it can get a bit intense for others sharing the space.)


Everyone on our team is SUPER lovely, but you don't HAVE to speak to anyone to make a booking. All our services are fully bookable online, and you can text or email us for any questions or changes.



0410 616 728

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