At Fit Bomb we want to help you to reach all your fitness goals. We want to help you to feel awesome mentally, and not miss out on anything that life throws at you.

We believe that your body is wonderful, beautiful and capable of amazing things. Fitness should never be about body shaming, teasing or undermining. It should be empowering, inclusive and fun.


We have 2 amazing trainers at Fit Bomb, both of whom are experienced, dynamic, kind and un-judgemental.


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Our group sessions are capped at 8 people. That means you get a truly personal experience at a fraction of the price. Designed an programmed by our experienced head coach Addi these are totally unique to Fit Bomb.


Our timetable is influenced by you, and changes seasonally.

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This is a class designed for women undergoing fertility treatment, IVF,  for all stages of pregnancy, before conceiving and after birth. There is a  lot of conflicting advice around when it comes to what exercise is ideal at these times. We've designed a safe and controlled strength class, where you can go at the pace and intensity appropriate for whatever stage you're at.  With some cardio, stretching and gentle pelvic floor work, this class will keep you fit strong and healthy, whilst safely preparing you for awesomeness. Wolf Mother is also an opportunity to socialise with other rad people going through a similar experience.

Babies and kids welcome, as long as they can be kept off gym equipment.


Queer community fitness class. Pay what you can afford. Join Coach Addi in putting the 'fun' in functional training. This is a safe space to be yourself - or whoever you want to be. There will be pronoun stickers, we will be cranking tunes totally by queer artists. All welcome.