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Full Body Relaxation(60/90min)

A light-medium pressure massage that will melt all of your worries and tension away. Soft strokes are used to promote lymphatic drainage and ease the mind and body. Leave feeling calm and renewed. 


Full Body Deep Tissue (60/90min)

A medium - firm pressure massage specifically targeted to release tension from the body. Deep tissue techniques are performed to manipulate the muscle tissue for immediate relief from aches and pains, leaving you revitalised and ready to tackle anything. 


Full Body Pregnancy(60/90min)

Indulge in some well deserved personal time in this full body experience. Specifically designed to relieve common pregnancy aches and pains, you will leave feeling rejuvenated and ready to embrace the day ahead.


Full Body Hot Stone(60/90min)

Combined with traditional Swedish techniques, hot stones are incorporated throughout the body. This rapid change of temperature is not only thoroughly relaxing, it also boosts immunity, encourages healing, stimulates circulation of blood flow and lymphatic drainage. 



Kick back, relax and give your feet a break. Reflexology combines deep tissue techniques with trigger point release to the feet which align with the body’s vital organs. This stimulates internal healing and balance throughout the body. 


Indian Head(30min)

Let stress melt away as skilled hands work acupressure points on the scalp, neck, and shoulders. Essential oils may be incorporated upon request to achieve inner harmony. 


Lymphatic Facial Drainage(15min)

Renew your skin and release tension with gentle facial manipulation. Treat yourself and rediscover your glow. 


Abdominal Manipulation (30min)

Revitalise your digestive system with our soothing Abdominal Massage, promoting healthy digestion and the easing of discomfort. Feel lighter, more balanced, and experience instant relief. 


Build your own treatment

Your choice of body part, pressure and amount of time (30min minimum) 


Add ons can be applied to any treatment


Dry Body Brush

Can’t stand the cleanup of clay? Here’s your solution. Dry body brushing provides the same benefits without all the mess. Add this to your treatment to reduce cellulite, exfoliate dead skin cells, improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, cleansing your body of its toxins. 


Facial Rollers 

Did you know 15 facial muscles are in action when you laugh? Facial rollers are a great option when it comes to releasing the facial tension most are unaware they have. Not only are they a soothing experience for the skin, when chilled, facial rollers have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin whilst promoting blood flow. Repetitive use of facial rollers promote production of collagen and muscle sculpting.



Indulge all of your senses by incorporating the use of essential oils. 


All treatments can be altered for clients’ comfort/individual needs, all abilities welcome! 

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