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LGBTQIA+ Services 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

We are a queer owned business, striving to offer the best possible care and support for our community.

Gender Affirming Fitness Classes

These fitness session are for people who are non-binary, trans, and/or experiencing gender dysphoria.


Designed by coach Addi (they/them) with split programming allowing participants to focus on strength, conditioning and body composition for either ‘typically masculine' areas (chest, back, lats, shoulders, biceps etc) OR ‘typically female’ areas (booty, hips, quads, thighs etc). You can pick the programme that best suits you, and work through it in our beautiful, caring and loving community, with the expert support and guidance of an experienced personal trainer.

This class is designed as a companion for your general fitness regime, giving you the extra push towards feeling great in your body… and in a safe and loving environment.


Wherever you are on your journey, no judgement. We are here to support you. Weather on hormones, wearing binders, preparing for or recovering from top surgery, years into your transition, or flirting with coming-out. Talk to us about where you’re at, your goals, your concerns so we can help you take control of your fitness and health.

Addi believes that everyone has a right to health, fitness and the knowledge to care for our bodies. Historically many gyms and fitness institutions have been unwelcoming to a lot of people, particularly minority groups. Not only are we tr

prides themselves on supporting and educating their clients to become empowered and confident in any fitness environment, and giving them the tools to 


30 mins $77

45 mins $115.50

60 mins $154

2:1 PT 

Want to share with a buddy or family member? No problem, we add $22 for each additional person joining a session.


Don't have a training buddy? Talk to us! We'll find you a training partner who matches your level, goals and general rad vibes.

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