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Welcome to Fit Bomb

Your little fitness temple in Walyalup, Fremantle. 

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Founded by Physiotherapist Emma Sulley and Personal Trainer Addison Axe, no matter where you're at in your journey towards fitness and health, we're here to help!


At Fit Bomb we want to help you to reach all your wellness goals. We want to help you to feel awesome physically and mentally, and not miss out on anything that life throws at you.


We believe that your body is wonderful, beautiful and capable of amazing things.


WE DON'T: Take measurements, weigh ourselves, take before and after shots, diet, tease, mock or shame. EVER.


WE DO: Pet all the dogs, giggle, drink coffee, dance like idiots, get stronger, sing along to sick tunes, get fit, have parties, celebrate our bodies, hang out, smash goals, make friends, eat cake, make mistakes, learn from them, share fashion tips.

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